About Us

3Sixty Biopharmaceuticals is a SAHPRA licensed pharmaceutical company with a number of local and international partners with a broad base of pharmaceutical products which address unmet medical needs. 3Sixty Biopharmaceuticals also has a respectable Clinical Research & Development (CR&D) pipeline of Small molecules, Peptides and Isotopes to address a spectrum of diseases. The company also has its own fully fledged Medical, Regulatory, Supply Chain, Finance and commercialization team to drives to its commercial imperatives .


Most Integrated Solutions Group


100% Black Owned & Controlled

Most Black Women Executives

Over 1000 Staff Members

Growth strategy

3Sixty Biopharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of 3Sixty Global Solutions Group, is on an aggressive growth path in its portfolio of offerings for its clients.
The Group’s growth is driven by five main strategic thrusts :

  • Organic growth in our existing businesses, leveraging our staff members and partners.
  • Acquisition and development of disruptive products and services with our local and international partners.
  • Acquisition of companies with unique technologies in targeted markets.
  • Development of joint venture organizations with local and international partners to execute unique innovations.
  • Bolt-on acquisition for our core funeral and financial services companies.

3Sixty Biopharmaceuticals Strategy

The Group’s entry into Biotechnology is by far the most audacious program it has undertaken. Our foray into biotechnology is grounded on ownership of unique pharmaceutical products with unique properties to enhance efficacy, reduce side effects and total cost of use. Our strategy is based on the concept of “UbuntuMedicine” derived from an African culture of care, umuntu ungumuntu ngabantu (you are because I am).

Ubuntu Medicine will be driven through investments in Diagnostics, Therapeutics and Precision medicine technologies and research.
We have established partnerships with local and international partners for the development and/or sourcing of the latest and cutting edge technologies like nanomedicine, theragnostic, microarray, pheroids, peptides, African Traditional Medicine and others.

We have identified 6 areas of research focus and we will create centres of excellence to engage with Academics, Clinicians, Professional Societies, Patient Societies and innovators at large for the advancement of the science and solutions development to currently known and unknown medical problems.

We have identified several disease areas that we want to focus on and we believe that we have covered underserviced and unmet  Pharmaceutical needs for South Africa, the African continent and the world.


A Pan African JSE listed company with significant global market reach by 2025


Solving problems in our chosen markets through disruptive products and technologies.